Run  Fimmvörðuháls

This is one of the most beautiful and popular hiking routes in Iceland.

Enjoy a trail race like none other!

Saturday August, 13th, 2021

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5VH Trail Run

The race will take place August 13th. 2021

The run starts at Skógar and ends by Volcano Huts in Húsadal, Thorsmörk.

The route is about 28 km with 1.500 m ascent and 1.400 m descent.

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The Route

The hiking route of Fimmvörðuháls is one of the most beautiful and popular route in Iceland. It´s also a popular trail running route.

And no wonder since it displays incredable variety and showcases much of the best Iceland has to offer.

The race starts by the majestic waterfall: Skógarfoss. You will climb dirt trails parallel to the river and see countless waterfalls in the process.

Once you have reached 1000 m elevation, you will rach the first aid station at Baldvinsskáli. The you´ll run on the glacier of Eyjafjallajökull.

In 2010, flights stopped all over the world as Eyjafjallajökull erupted and the ash prevented flights. You will run through the lava of gods that was formed in this eruption and you will run past the volcanoes, Magni and Móði.

Then the descent is into the woody, magical greenish mountain area of the Valley of Thor where the view will take your breath away. Once down, you arrive in Strákagil where the second aid station is situated. The last part to Húsadal is rather flat. You cross the famous river of Krossá through a walking bridge and end the run in Húsadal at Volcano Huts. 


Who is fit for this race?

The route is rather tough. Participants need to be in good shape and able to handle the ascent and descent. People in good shape, should be able to walk/hike the route within 7 hours.

Whether the plan is to focus on getting the fastest possible time or just enjoy the route, take pictures en route and smell the roses, anyone who is in shape to handle the route should be able to do it within the time limits. 











Race Route from Skógar to Volcano HUTS


Check out the route. By clicking on the airplane, you will see where the route takes you.


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The run takes place in the highland.


About 10 km of the route is more than 800 m. above sea level. This part of the route is always colder and sometimes it can be foggy, windy, rainy and even snow (yes, in August) up on the glacier in spite of the weather being fine at the starting point. 

Please do not underestimate this, have extra clothes with you to put on when you get higher up.

Cat Ridge

Once you have descended quite a bit on your way into Thorsmörk, you will run on Cat Ridge, or Cat Spine (see picture, click to enlarge). This is a famous part of the route with gorgeous views. It´s fun running the Back of a Cat and the trail is stable although rather narrow. People who are afraid of hights may find it slightly scary but for most people it´s no problem.

Please be extra considerate and careful when running here. 

Event organizers: Arctic Running 

For further information, visit the webpage or Facebook page. Arctic Running can assist you, or your group, organizing a trip to Iceland with the race in mind. For such inquiries, please contact


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