Backyard 101

Bakgarður 101 is the sister competition of Bakgarður Náttúruhlaupi, which takes place in Heidmörk in September every year. Bakgarður 101 2022 and Bakgarður Náttúruhlaupa 2021 are qualifiers (silver races) for the national team competition in Bakgarðurhlaupa, which is scheduled for October 15, 2022.

Apr, 2022
Full price:
KR 12.900
Registration is closed

The competition will be held for the first time on April 30, 2022. The competition starts at Mjölnisheimilð in Öskjuhlíð and the route goes through the pleasant paths of Öskjuhlíð and good footpaths along it and Nauthólsvík (about 60% gravel and natural paths and 40% asphalt).

Um Bakgarð 101
Bakgarður í Öskjuhlíð
The route from Öskjuhlíð
Here you can see the route. By clicking on the plane in the picture to the side, you can better understand the terrain, ascents and descents along the way.
What is a Backyard?

Backyards are a special kind of ultra runs where participants need to finish running 6706 meters (4,167 miles) within the hour. Each loop starts at the hour and after the runners finish a loop they can use the remaining time to rest and prepare for the next loop. The winner is the last person to complete a loop. If no runner can complete one more loop than anyone else, there is no winner. The total distance for a runner that finishes 24 loops (24 hours) is 100 miles (160.8 km).

Terms of payment

The price for the race is ISK 12,900. and is paid upon registration. The race does not refund the registration fee. Name changes are allowed until March 25.


The age limit for the race is 18 years (16-17 years with a guardian).

See more general rules in backyard races:

Competitors will receive detailed information about the arrangements and rules by e-mail.

Arrangements and rules can be based on the current Covid-19 meeting restrictions on race day.


  • - Running bib and time registration - Aid station with plenty of food as long as someone is still in the race - Participant medal Rewards for all who finish 4 loops or more.
  • Refreshments at the drinking station all the time.
  • Hot meals every 4 hours while you are still in the race.
  • Refreshments for assistants of competitors who are still in the competition after 18:00.
  • Participation recognition
  • There will be a good drinking station and facilities for runners in the Mjölnisheimili. Emphasis will be placed on a fun and lively setting throughout the day. The staff and volunteers of Náttúrhlaup will be available to participants during the rest period.

Silver tickets and world championships

The six runners who go the farthest get a place in the Icelandic national team in Backyard. The World Team Championship is scheduled to take place on October 15, 2022 via the Internet. The Icelander who goes the farthest in the national team competition can win a gold ticket and the right to participate in the World Individual Championship in Big Dog's Backyard Ultra (Tennessee), which will take place in October 2023.

Silver tickets