Fimmvörðuháls hiking trail is one of the most beautiful and popular hiking routes in Iceland. Running it is an experience you never forget. Iceland Trail Race Trip where the registration fee of 5VH Trail Run is included. Don’t register here if you get the package.

Aug, 2024
21.900 kr.
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Gorgeous Scenery

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  • Annual subscribers to the running community of Náttúruhlaup and participants of the 5VH course receive a discount code of 15% valid for the two previous seasons (until June 30). No discount is given after June 30. The discount cannot be received after the person has paid the full price without using the code.
  • Refunds are not available, but name changes can be made until July 30 by sending an email to Nattúrhlap is not an intermediary in the resale of tickets, and the new owner will not receive a different size sweater than the original owner ordered. The price and arrangements for resale are entirely between the seller and the buyer.


  • Running bib and time registration
  • Aid Stations at:
    • Baldvinsskáli (13km),
    • Strákagil (23km) and
    • Volcano Huts
  • Shower and WC facilities once the run is complete and en route.
  • Grettir T-shirt frá 66°Norður. Litur: gulur. Hlýr flísbolur sem nota má sem innsta lag eða yfir þunnan langermabol.Velja þarf stærð við skráningu. Fæst í XS-2XL. (Peysan fylgir ekki með skráningum eftir 30. júní)
  • Baggage transfer from Skógar to Volcano Huts
  • Health Care in Volcano Huts if needed

Not included

Bus trips and food after running. Post will be sent to participants a good time for the race, where they are given the opportunity to shop for food and bus trips in presale. By clicking on the tabs above you can see what food and bus trips are available.


  • Grillaður hamborgari m. frönskum| Hamburger 2.650 kr.
  • Veggie borgari m. frönskum 2.650 kr.
  • Súpuhlaðborð/Soup buffet 2.900 kr.


  • Circle Tour: Reykjavik > Skógar and Volcano Huts > Reykjavik - 14,000 kr. (just competitors). > Reykjavík – 14.000 kr. (bara keppendur)
  • For relatives who want to get a ride to the end of the race at 09:15.
  • Volcano Huts > Skógar – 9.000 kr. (keppendur og/eða aðstandendur)
Race Route from Skógar to Volcano HUTS

Check out the route. By clicking on the airplane, you will see where the route takes you. Click on the button below to download the GPS file. You can download the route on Garmin or download the file below.

Race Route from Skógar to Volcano HUTS
Mandatory gear

Mandatory gear

  • A cell phone that works in Iceland (112 is the emergency number in Iceland)
  • Running pack/vest
  • Aluminum blanket (available cheaply in most pharmacies)
  • Flauta Whissle
  • A light running jacket which can withstand wind and rain up to a certain extent.
  • Hat/buff, gloves
  • At least one liter water/sports drink
  • Some nourishment (gels for example) (example: gel, chocolate. It's good to use what has proven successful in training)
  • Trail shoes

Recommended gear

  • Extra clothes
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun screen
  • An external battery (phone)
  • Download the 112 Where ARE U app
  • A bag with a towel, dry clothes and shoes to put on after the race. Rain clothes and warm clothes according to the weather forecast as you have to wait in the Volcano Huts until the bus leaves. All participants are invited to trust such a bag from the start (Skógar) to the finish (Volcano Huts).


Safety is the responsibility of the participants. Organizers will do the following to minimize the risk:

  • The route will be well marked.
  • The rescue squad Dagrenning takes care of drinking stations at Baldvinsskáli and in Strákagil. They will have ambulances and equipment to approach people in case of emergency.
  • Track guards will be at Kattarhryggur and in Langidalur.
  • A doctor and a nurse will be at the finish line.
About The Route

The hiking route of Fimmvörðuháls is one of the most beautiful and popular route in Iceland. It´s also a popular trail running route. And no wonder since it displays incredable variety and showcases much of the best Iceland has to offer. The race starts by the majestic waterfall: Skógarfoss. You will climb dirt trails parallel to the river and see countless waterfalls in the process. Once you have reached 1000 m elevation, you will rach the first aid station at Baldvinsskáli. The you´ll run on the glacier of Eyjafjallajökull.

In 2010, flights stopped all over the world as Eyjafjallajökull erupted and the ash prevented flights. You will run through the lava of gods that was formed in this eruption and you will run past the volcanoes, Magni and Móði. Then the descent is into the woody, magical greenish mountain area of the Valley of Thor where the view will take your breath away. Once down, you arrive in Strákagil where the second aid station is situated. The last part to Húsadal is rather flat. You cross the famous river of Krossá through a walking bridge and end the run in Húsadal at Volcano Huts.

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Who's fit
Ofurhress hlaupari :)
Who is fit
for this race?

The path is challenging. The person concerned must be well trained and able to climb and descend on the plateau. However, it is not necessary to move quickly. For people in good shape, it is possible to walk the route briskly in less than 7 hours, but that is the time limit. Í fyrra féll enginn á tíma, fólk kláraði hlaupið frá 2,50 klst. til 6,24 klst.

Whether the plan is to focus on getting the fastest possible time or just enjoy the route, take pictures en route and smell the roses, anyone who is in shape to handle the route should be able to do it within the time limits.